What is the Miami Ski Club?
The Miami Ski Club was founded in 1968 to promote the sport of snow skiing and to have fun year round. We are an active social club, a travel club, an outdoor club, a cultural club and above all - a fun club!


Membership year is June 1 to May 31

We want you to be a member!! Great benefits! Renew or Join MSC today!!


It's easy to join and become a Miami Ski Club Member, simply apply online by clicking the blue button below or complete the paper Membership Application and mail with your check to:

Miami Ski Club
PO Box 560943
Miami, FL 33256

Active members with an online profile are not required to complete an application for renewal and can pay dues from within your MSC Member Profile. Login and click on “Pay Membership Dues” to renew.


Make sure your membership is current; then send your signed Trip Application and deposit check to the appropriate trip leader. See Trips.


If you would like to run a trip

To request a Membership package, please E-mail us your name and address

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Miami Ski Club Membership

Membership term starts on June 1st. See below for dues amount that applies to your level of membership. Membership fees are non refundable.

Individual - $55 - Available to individuals over the age of 18

Family - $90 - Married couples and single parents with children under the age of 24 residing with parents; couples with common address(need proof of residency)

Associate - $40 - Individuals or families residing more than 100 miles from Miami International Airport. Guest fees will apply for all MSC events.



As a paid Full Member of the Miami Ski Club, you will receive these benefits below:

  • Personal secure members web profile to manage online trip and event sign up and credit card payments
  • Discount admission to our annual Summerfest (Trip Opening Event and Lunch) which includes lunch, cash bar, and trip booth set up, meet your trip leaders and sign up. This is always a favorite event!
  • Free Admission to our yearly Holiday Fest (Happy Hour with advance RSVP, if required)
  • Weekly Email Newletters
  • Discounted pricing on events such as theater nights, gourmet dining, concerts and more
  • Free Weekly Happy Hours
  • Participation in our ski trips, exotic adventure trips, weekend outings and fun events
  • And most of all, you will always have a friendly group to hang out with!
  • Associate Member Benefits: Associate Membership is available for individuals or families residing more than 100 miles form Miami International Airport. Guest fees will apply for attendance at events during the membership year.
  • Affiliate Member Benefits: Affiliate Membership is for trips only. You must be an active member of another Florida Ski Council Club. Guest fees will apply for all other MSC events.


The Miami Ski Club was founded in 1968 to promote the sport of snow skiing and to have fun year round. We are an active social club, a travel club, an outdoor club, a cultural club and above all - a fun club! We welcome couples, singles, skiiers and non-skiiers.

Sometimes, we all need to be reminded what this Club is all about. We go to a few things here and there, look at the Website and Newsletter, but in the end, we take a lot of this stuff for granted. Frankly, when people ask us about the Club, most of the time we only scratch the surface when describing what we are all about. Yet, the truth is - we are probably the most active organization in South Florida, with the biggest variety of activities of anyone down here. Period. Just look at all the different functions we fill:


With a bunch of ski trips a year, going to some of the best snow covered terrain on the planet, we certainly are a ski club! And we do it with style, and for a great price! But again, that doesn't describe the pre-trip parties, happy hours, gourmet dinners, adventure outings, banquets, parties, sponsored dinners and post-trip parties, group activities and all of the stuff we manage to pack in under the heading of a single ski trip. And that's what makes us so special, unique and a truly great value!


Sure, living in Florida, if you want to ski, you need to travel. That's a given, but look at all the places we have been to, when it did not necessarily involve just skiing: more European destinations then we can remember, New Zealand, Australia, South America, Japan, China, India, Africa, the Middle East, Vietnam, Turkey, Cambodia, Russia, Singapore, Thailand - and we are planning other exotic locations as we speak!


Almost every Friday night, we get together at some happening place in Dade or Broward from 6-8PM. Mingle, swap stories, and end up with a group having dinner together. Miami Ski Club enjoys Dine-a-rounds at classy local restaurants to sample their cuisine and meet members on a more intimate level. We attend theatre and concert events. Bike Riding, kayaking, sailing, Key West Fantasy Fest Day trip, Everglades events, you name it, we can set it up. Ideas always welcome. Guests are welcome also.


Just flipping through the Newsletter will tell you what an active group we are. Bike rides, sailing trips, dive trips, camping, kayaking, roller blading, canoe trips, Keys trips - you name it, we do it! But there are so many ideas for other types of activities, that we hardly have enough time in our Club schedule to accommodate them all. And again, there are a lot of exciting new things on the drawing board for next year.


That's what it boils down to - we are just a bunch of people out to have some fun! A lot of the things we do don't particularly fall into any of the above categories, they are there just for the fun of it. Such as our outing to New Orleans, or the Caribbean cruise. And that's the whole idea behind this Club. You can pretty much decide one day that you want to do something, pick up the Club calendar and there will be something to do. Even more importantly, you know there will be a bunch of fun people to do it with! Most of the time, all you have to do is show up. And if you do that often enough, like so many of us, you will come to realize that over the years, you have made a lot of very good friends, right here, at the Miami Ski Club.